Burton Mountain Essentials Kit


The Burton Mountain Essentials Kit is the perfect every day carry kit for the hills. How many times have you been swearing at a botched hit, and you’ve lost a few screws to boot. Having to limp down the hill to the shop and pay for some make-shift screws is a serious pain. Burton and their mountain essentials kit have given you the ability to tweak and repair on the go. Included in the kit are nothing but the essentials like their new EST tool, a pocket friendly mountain and adjusting tool that incorporates a #2 and#3 Philips, 90-180 degree flip design, and of course a bottle opener. The kit also contains a credit card scraper, ceramic stone and steel file guide, rub down wax with a buff pad, and replacement M6x16 mounting hardware; all in a reusable case.

Stay essential this season and get yours via Amazon.