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iNi Cooperative Dib Riding Shirt Jacket


Introducing the Cooperative Dib Riding Shirt Jacket, protection with a dual personality. There’s no confusion about what this shirt jacket does, it’s one serious lightweight hybrid that protects you from the slushy days on the hill. Perfect for layering up, or equally as good on a warm (Chinook) day, the Dib Shirt combines a poly fill insulate all in a diamond quilted design. Made entirely of recycled polyester Dobby and recycled polyester faux corduroy, it features a 10k waterproof/breathable construction, taped seems, and is doubled down with a water repellent coating, so you can guarantee no water will chill ya’ to the bone. Whatever riding you plan on doing this winter, the iNi Cooperative Dib Shirt Jacket will set you apart with an ethical sound conscious.

Available in black, blue, green and orange get yours from Tatics.