FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser 4X4


Behold the FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4, a super rare find that only gets better with time. If you’re a true FJ guy, or just like a perfect vintage off-roader, than you’ll surely appreciate this rare find. Scavenged from Texas, this FJ40 is as Stock as they come, somehow managing to do the next to impossible task of surviving the endless wear of time. With 70K original miles, this US spec FJ Toyota Land Cruiser is one of 350 made in the final year, an incredible feat for something that some dealers don’t even know exists. With its US specification, it is a must-have for any Land Cruiser model and features options such as four speed tranny, split transfer case, power assist disc brakes and larger (better placed) fuel tank; options you won’t find on other imported models. As we get older time passes by faster and faster every year, yet apparently it has stood still for this rare vintage off-road legend.

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