Bent Basket

Meet the Bent Basket, the one and only bike basket you’ll ever consider. Yes, bike baskets are functional and have their place in the commuting world, but they’ve never been high or even made our list of bike accessories until now. These super stylish Bent Baskets will not only compliment your daily commuter, but will carry its weight 10 fold. Just cause it’s made with five sheets of Ash wood veneer, you won’t need to pamper this basket. Crafted just like a skate deck, this basket can take some serious abuse before it starts showing wear. This Bent Basket isn’t just for hauling books, it will take on pretty much anything you can throw its way. The 4 elastic straps can be re-positioned and stretched to secure your package in place, regardless the shape.

Choose from a few color options and available directly from Amazon.

Bent BasketBent BasketBent BasketBent Basket