Solidwool Hembury Chair

Wool like you’ve never seen before, thanks to Solidwool and the Hembury Chair. Our first introduction to Solidwood was actually about a year ago when they collaborated with Fanoptics to create a stunning set of eye wear frames. When you think of wool, the first thing that comes to mind is a soft, ultra-warm and sometimes itchy fabric. Rarely, if ever do you consider it a solid material. The team at Solidwool have utilized the iconic Herdwick sheep wool (historically used in the UK carpet industry), and combined it with a unique bio-resin to create a fiberglass type material. This highly engineered composite material is crafted to be flexible, comfortable, and strong enough to withstand the daily abuse of household. The Hembury Chair retains a lot of cues from the masters of the original molded chair…Ray and Charles Eames, yet maintains its own unique style and aesthetic.

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Solidwool Hamburg ChairSolidwool Hamburg ChairSolidwool Hamburg Chair