Murksli Walnut Tree Root Deck


Turn heads with a Murksli Walnut Tree Root Deck. I’ve been skating my whole life and I honestly have to say these are some of the most innovative uses of woodgrain textures on a deck. Each deck is handcrafted from carefully selected mountain maple sandwiched between hand-cut walnut tree root, fused together with waterproof propeller-grade glue. No worries about applying a hideous layer of grip-tape, these decks are finished with a clear aluminum oxide that will give you the perfect layer of grip. The Murksli’s family includes five unique deck shapes; the street cruiser – MIKRO, 80’s inspired – ERA, hill-bombing longboard – KRUZER, surf-inspired pintail – DROP, and the freeride – SLIDER. Don’t expect any cheap parts on these fully built decks, only all-American made hardware that is built to last.

Available directly from Murksli.