TOPO Climb Pants

Ease up on the denim and stretch into a pair of TOPO Climb Pants. A climbing classic has been re-imagined giving you greater reach, more flexibility and a touch of comfort. These new Climb Pants feature a gusseted crotch, adjustable quick release t-lock belt, chalk bag loop and a modern trim fit. These new pants have a snug fit, but the blend of Cotton and stretchy Lycra will give you the extra reach when needed. Whether you’re spending the afternoon bouldering our relaxin’ with a pint, these new TOPO’s will give you the added style and comfort where others fall short.

Choose from three colors and available directly from TOPO Designs.

TOPO Designs Climb PantsTOPO Designs Climb PantsTOPO Designs Climb PantsTOPO Designs Climb Pants