Whyd Speaker

Surrender your ears to the deep sound of a Whyd Speaker. Designed with true 360 degrees sound, the Whyd delivers consistent clear crystal audio and dramatic bass regardless of your location. Like the minimal physical aesthetics, the interface design is just as simple. Control the Whyd with voice commands, taps on the glass touch panel or simply use your phone. Underneath the sound optimizing 3D-knitted sleeve fabric is a 100mm subwoofer surrounded by four 40mm full range drivers. If one is not enough, sync two Whyd speakers to create full stereo surround, or distribute the speakers throughout the house to provide an uninterrupted experience. Out of the box, the Whyd seamlessly integrates with Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Tidal, Soundcloud and Deezer, and can connect to your preferred device via bluetooth, WiFi or AirPlay.

Choose from 5 colors. Available for pre-order directly through Whyd.

Whyd SpeakerWhyd SpeakerWhyd SpeakerWhyd Speaker