JBL Wireless Authentics L16 Speaker

JBL Wireless Authentics L16 Speaker - LumberJac

Look no further than the JBL Wireless Authentics L16 Speaker when you need pure acoustic performance. Over the course of the last couple weeks as I’ve been setting up my new office and thinking about how much I need a wireless speaker that’s as rich and deep as my wired system. A lot of the smaller wireless speakers contain amazing components and sound great, but do lack the deep warm bass and the wide angle sound required for a large space. This new JBL by Harman packs six 50w amplifiers driving six speakers wrapped into a refined walnut-veneered enclosure. If Bluetooth connectivity isn’t quite enough, the JBL Authentics L16 also allows you to connect via Airplay, the old school analog, optical and phono preamp integration. Don’t worry about draining your phone while you stream your music as this new speaker also features an optional built-in Qi wireless charging pad.

Pre-order available through the JBL online store.

JBL Wireless Authentics L16 Speaker detail - LumberJac