Budnitz FTB

Meet the Budnitz FTB, another excuse to start praying for snow. If you’ve ever considered jumping on the fat-bike wagon, now’s the time. The titanium frame Budnitz bikes are literally the gold standard when it comes to daily commuters, and the bar has just been raised with the addition of this FTB beast. If you thought fat-bikes were heavy, think again. The FTB features a handmade twin-tube cantilever titanium frame with a weight just shy of 5 pounds. Along with this impressive frame, be prepared for the world’s lightest hydraulic brakes, 14-speed internal transmission with an enormous 525% gear range, and a nearly indestructible carbon belt drive. If the undeniable design and style doesn’t catch your eye, the promise of an amazing ride on the giant 4.8 Jumbo Jims mounted to a titanium frame will.

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Budnitz FTB BikeBudnitz FTB BikeBudnitz FTB Bike