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Canadiano Coffee Maker - LumberJac

Canadiano Coffee Maker

Say hello to the Canadiano Coffee Maker, the northern pour-over method of making coffee. There’s coffee, and then there’s coffee made the way…

Andrew Capener's Typography Scrabble set - LumberJac

Typography Scrabble

For all you typography fans, feast your eyes on Andrew Capener’s Typography Scrabble set. This coveted scrabble set has been re-released as a…



Bring home a little 1950’s nostalgia with the Rocket by Pat Kim. Rocket design has been around for a while, but nothing characterizes…

Fallman Bucksaw - lumberjac.com

Fallman Bucksaw

Save the day the old fashioned way with the Fallman Bucksaw. The traditional bucksaw hasn’t changed too much over time, and why would…

Arper WIng

Wing Coat Rack

Introducing the Arper Wing Coat Rack, a sexy new coat rack taking flight this year. There is nothing more annoying than having coats…

Grain Audio Earphones and Speaker

Grain Audio

Grain Audio lets you focus on the things that matter, pure sound and premium design. No gimmicks here, Grain Audio is dedicated to…

Christian Woo's Covert Series Storage

Covert Storage

Christian Woo’s Covert Storage series will stop you in your tracks. These credenza/storage series are hand crafted with clinical precision overlooking no details.…